Health Check

After health check-ups, Mr. Chen asked doctors to check his sperm count has not decreased the number of doctors give him a sealed glass jar, it is necessary to go home loaded him bring some samples.

The next day, Mr. Chen then, doctors have found the glass jaris still empty. Mr. Chen has noodle color ashamed to say: "Doctor! My old! Last night my first test with his right hand for a long time, there is no movement; me to switch to the left, or to no avail. I called my wife to help, She is also the two hands are tests, there is no use. I told her to use their mouths, but still no improvement. "Doctor hear flushing of the face.

Mr. Chen still went on to say: "just the cousin came to my house to gifts, she younger, I would ask her to help. She is also the first hand, and then his mouth, very hard!"

Doctor: "Will she to do?"

Mr. Chen: "She is very happy ah! But that does not work! So I come to you. Can be Yes. . . "

Doctor: "But what?"

Mr. Chen: "But... The glass jar is not open!"

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