High technology

The high technology of one silicon grain computer company has got a not yet open secret formula confidentially , the boss just has handed it over being studied by four engineers who come to Germany , Japan , USA and Taiwanese respectively.

After having spent a week, the boss calls together for report the what one has learned from work studying coming them.

The Germany engineer the first says first: "My already clear .know about entire frame, that the ability proper motion exploitation with our company responds to is not a problem ".

The Japan engineer proceed to report: "I have written down the boss Fu solemnly , have studied entire design carefully , have discovered the thing having quite a few not bad plagiarize, add in our formula , believe in to the company help that can have a maximum if giving reform again".

The USA engineer says then with a look of disinclination: "I have a good news and a bad news , good news is that I break the password protection having untied the entire key technology. Bad news be but have also destroyed entire formula ".

The boss hears a word being greatly frightened: "How-To! This formula only have a portion!

Think that everybody is all racking one's brains when the field tentative plan rescues way , see that the Taiwan engineer still makes the waste land talk composing self angry laughing at only freely, boss just ask his road of solving for advice.

The Taiwan engineer says very calmly: It's all right that "this! I make it for a long time having become the large benefit note , you want to have several set several set right away".

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