Beyond Tolerance

The doorbell rang and Mrs. Carson opened the front door. Her heart sank when she saw Mrs. Burbidge. Whenever Mrs. Burbidge called, she stayed for hours and hours.
"Good afternoon, Mrs. Carson," Mrs. Burbidge said, "I was just passing, and I thought I'd drop in to say hello."
"How very thoughtful of you," Mrs. Carson replied. "Do come in."
Just as Mrs. Carson had feared, Mrs. Burbidge stayed for several hours. It was nearly six o'clock, and Mr. Carson would be home from work soon. He couldn't stand Mrs. Burbidge. So Mrs. Carson kept wondering how she could persuade Mrs. Burbidge to leave without offending her.
##CONTINUE##"Has your husband come home from work yet?" Mrs. Carson asked.
"Oh, yes," Mrs. Burbidge answered. "He always gets home about five o'clock."
"It's nearly six o'clock. Won't he be getting worried about you?" Mrs. Carson said.
"I thought of that," Mrs. Burbidge said, "but it's so pleasant here. We've had such a lovely afternoon. You know what I'll do? I'll ring up my husband and tell him to come here, too. May I use your phone please?"

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